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Hello hello friends, so today I just wanted to get into a product that i have loved for a very long time and discuss a little about it and its benefits for your skin. Before i get into it i want to make very clear i am not paid by this company to say these things everything i will post in my blog are my own opinions and thoughts as i review different products etc and i will share my honest and open feelings too. i do receive PR from them which i appreciate so so much as being a smaller artist on the instagram page it really boosts me to know that a brand like them have taken that chance to share with me some fab goodies and allowed me to try out some amazing products so i can share my thoughts with you my readers, or my instagram/youtube followers.

Anywho without further going off the trail I am going to talk today about the holy grail for me which is Pixi beauty’s, Glow Tonic. What is it? In short its a toner. I get asked a lot about it when i talk about how i got some and praise it so much and people are genuinely not aware of what it is. I want to point out i am not an esthetician, i don’t know every thing about skin care and in truth i suck at taking care of my skin as well as i should but im getting older and now is the time i need to develop better habits but when i went to college to study make up those many moons ago we were taught, you cleanse, tone and then moisturize and that has always been my routine when i do follow one.


Toner is what it sounds like, it tones up your skin. cleansing will clean away the initial makeup and dirt residue on your face but believe it or not it’s not all gone, there is still oil, there is still stubborn makeup hiding in those pores of ours and toner is the unsung hero who comes in a helps remove the excess and helps close up those pores after cleansing. now my skin is fairly sensitive and a lot of toners out there on the market I have found to be fairly harsh and often stings my freckle face but Pixi’s glow tonic doesn’t do that. the reason others on the market can give you that stingy sensation if you have like me experienced that, is generally because there is alcohol in the product. the reason they tend to do this is because it can break down oils in the skin and ultimately this will dry out and irritate the skin and are normally aimed for the likes of teens who need the excess oils removed to prevent acne. i have never really suffered badly from acne other than getting the odd monthly hormonal ones here and there i don’t think my skin is too bad. i have combination skin, i get very oily on my cheeks and forehead but dry around my nose, i also have some skin redness and i feel my skin lacks in that healthy glow and brightness that i would have had when i was younger.

Glow tonic contains NO ALCOHOL. that was a big deal breaker for me when i first tried it. my first experience of this was getting a free sample in my ipsy bag and i knew it was for me. it is a cruelty free brand (yay) and their products contain many natural ingredients. so much so that the bottle itself advises that due to the natural ingredients the color may change over time but that doesn’t alter its ability to do its job as it should. speaking of ingredients, there are 3 main important ones in the glow tonic:

  1. Glycolic Acid. 5% to be exact. this stuff is amazing when you find it in skin care products. the magic of it is its exfoliation powers. essentially what it does is it helps to brighten your complexion giving you that fresh face that we all want. pretty much it helps in removing all the icky dead skin cells that can make our skin look dull and blah. it is used in products too to help treat scarring, any discoloration of skin and even help with signs of aging like those pesky lines and wrinkles.  I have noticed over time of using this regularly that some of my freckles, and when i say i have millions, i mean my face is covered, i have noticed that some are fading and i feel like the more i use it the clearer my skin will become.
  2. Aloe Vera. I always suggest aloe to everyone for everything. I used to take a shot of aloe vera gel in the morning, why? because aloe is known for its amazing healing properties. it is amazing the power of this plant. nature provided us with some amazing things and that’s why it’s no surprise to me that it would be in this product. i used to use aloe on sunburn, on cuts, i even used to buy the leaves cut out the fillet inside and leave on my face, it’s THAT GOOD. the science behind it is that aloe vera contains two hormones that aid in healing any wounds and acts as an anti inflammatory. so if you have acne its going to help, it will also be gentle on eczema and psoriasis too, the last thing you want is a product with alcohol when you have skin issues like that because its going to hurt and irritate it more. aloe vera is gentle and i love that it’s in this product.
  3. Ginseng. I am lucky in my life to have family and friends who love natural products and have often told me about ginseng as a great ingredient to use whether it’s in skin care or ingested. it is a life-giver essentially. i used to take it when i was involved in sports as an enhancer for my energy levels and focus. as for in skin care its excellent for anti aging purposes, full of antioxidants and nutrients that help to tone and brighten that skin up. again i love that Pixi uses these natural ingredients because i think its amazing what to have a brand who cares about what you’re putting on your skin.

Overall this product is one of my favorites on the market right now as I have mentioned it is gentle on the skin which is my main fear when buying a toner, it exfoliates and brightens your skin giving you that fresh glow and it suits all skin types which is awesome. everything you need in one, i use it twice a day when i can, first thing in the morning when i wake up and want to feel fresh after i cleanse my face and then right before i go to bed after i take off my face of makeup. I like personally to put it on the fat end of a make up blender and press it into my skin and i feel like my skin is really absorbing all the glow goodness but you can also use a cotton pad which honestly is the better way to go since you will see the dirt come off that you probably felt you already cleaned off when you cleansed you face.

The best thing is that they have a whole range of amazing skin care products and they also have a rose version of the glow tonic that i love because it is targeted for problematic skin that may have irritation and redness which i do so i like to mix them up and use both if my skin is having a flare up so there is a verity you can buy. i have on my wish list their hydrating mists and their cleansers so i can keep my skincare range in the same brand for a bit. i definitely recommend you try them out and this is such a fan fave i just know you will love it. so go… get one.. and then tell me all about it. you can buy Pixi in most Target, or Wal-Mart stores i believe or you can buy direct from their website www.pixibeauty.com

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Toodles K xox


Finding Me Again.


I find myself always coming back to writing. if it’s not on this, its in a diary somewhere. I think for someone with depression/anxiety writing is a very good outlet to vent when you feel that you have nobody to talk to. True, nobody responds and gives you the support that you might need but when you have so many thoughts inside that need to get out sometimes writing can be that place for you. Foe me anyway I like to buy a super fancy diary, i love hard cover ones that look like a book, you know the ones I mean, and you know sometimes in the beginning its hard, you start to write the usual, woke up brought kids to school had coffee etc but then you just let go. you need to let go. i used to have a hard time because i would be afraid of the judgement. i would be always thinking what if some one read this. my most purest, real raw thoughts and feelings. what if it made them angry, sad, judge me, think I’m crazy even? but you just can’t. you need that space, you need that place to just saw what you need to say. some times when i start writing i think i don’t have that much to say and then it just keeps going, it builds and builds all my pent-up emotions and feelings and it just begins to erupt like a massive volcano spewing your every thought, feeling and word in my head onto the paper until I’m empty. and that’s why it’s a helpful healer. sure it would be nice to meet someone for a coffee and talk about those things, but i don’t have the mindset to throw my guts on a table for someone face to face. i like to either write some things that are personal in my private journal and then some things that are still raw and honest i share on my blog here that i want people to maybe relate to.

I’m on a path right now of finding who I am. 30 years old and I still don’t know who i am. most people kind of have their ducks in row around now. don’t get me wrong i always wanted a family and to be a mammy and a wife and i have that. so yes, i am mammy. and i am wife. but who is Karina?? am i still the person i was when i was 16? 18? 21? i don’t even know. i find myself stealing myself now and then for glimpses into my younger years. i know i used to be fun, and silly. a bit weird and awkward. outgoing, wild and free. my dad used to tell me i always stood out from the crowd. that there was something about me that was special. i know parents have to say things like that to their kids but did i? what made me different? right now i can tell you i am none of the above things that i used to be. i am neither fun , nor silly, in fact I’m the most boring person ever. i find myself coming to be quite bland. i have lost my whole just act like an idiot because why not attitude. I’m not sure if this is from age or whether i surpassed it myself but i find myself wishing that inner fun self would come back again. that spark of me. I’m still very much awkward and odd which i do appreciate because one of my fave advice for people is always be weird if you are, it makes you different and unique. I’m rarely outgoing wild has tuned to mild and the only freedom i get now is choosing whats for the dinner today.

its easy as a mother and wife to lose yourself. but i think it takes a lot to stop and recognize it and try change it. i know my kids will be grown in no time at all and i will be able to do all these things some day but by then i will be old. i want to be me and find myself. find and realize my goals and achieve them whilst enjoying my kids and making sure they stay wild and free and help them know who they are and never let them forget it. 2018 has been one amazing year. there has been great times and hard times but as the end of the year is closing in it is giving me a positive outlook and time to make sure that 2019 will be even more amazing. i want to set goals and start hitting them all through the year. my husband is starting his own company in the new year and has asked me to help him out with answering phones doing emails etc the office running basically. i of course do not mind as it’s an exciting time for him but you know what i have my own goals and ambitions that i am going to be working on in the background too. i am swearing to myself that i am going to bust ass next year. i want my family to be proud of me and the end of next year i am going to be on top of my life, my mental health and find who i am. nothing is stopping you doing the same either. having a family doesn’t stop you, it may slow your role for a bit but you just got to put it in the backpack, and carry it along with you, you will get there when you get there and the you get to the top you will feel like you conquered the world (with your family along with you).

we got this!!!!


Am I a bad mom?

So here I am. Back yet again. It seems every time i log on i say how much i want to write more on here. honestly I’m lazy and i forget all about it. i have been toggling backhand forth about trying to get on here more to use it as an outlet and voice my thoughts and what the hell is going on in my life, which some people honestly don’t give a shit about. however, if its going to help me and maybe someone reads somethings i say and relates to it and it helps them well then, thats win win to me.

any who, to start this entry in I’m talking about my son. he’s 6 years old. he’s wild. he is incredibly smart, funny, sweet and my god is he wildly creative and imaginative like you wouldn’t imagine. school has always been an issue for him though. we moved here to sarasota florida when he was just 6 months old and he never had any interaction with other kids or adults really other than myself and my husband until he started pre-k. we signed him up to this really cool sounding school that teaches capoeira and i thought it was fantastic for him. i thought, great! heres this school that will not only teach him academics but also an activity to keep him fit. it did not work out that way. within his first 4 days i had a call from the director who when i met with her at the school told me there was something wrong with him because he was so angry. the real issue that nobody seemed to understand was that he had never been left alone with other adults, never before had a structure like school, never had to be social with other kids or adults really so can you imagine the shock to his system? thats on us as parents, and i know that. if we had of figured out a way to get him with other kids maybe it would of been easier of a transition for him.

they were very nice teachers don’t get me wrong. my son loved his main teacher and he really did try but every day he was coming home in trouble for not listening, following direction or not keeping to his own personal space, he always wanted to hug people, play and do his own thing. he got aggressive when the assistant teacher would pick him up constantly to move him to a time out corner despite us asking not to pick him up. when i say aggressive he would lash out flailing his arms and legs when picked up and then have a meltdown when he couldn’t play or stay in certain centers having tantrums on the floor or banging on things. we eventually contacted the florida center for children to have someone observe him. i have always had jaxons mental health in my mind because one of my brothers has autism, my other I’m pretty sure has add and then i have a cousin with aspergers and her sister my other cousin her son has autism also so it is strongly in our family. my husbands brother also has adhd so it has always been something on my eye to look out for. we had that lady who was wonderful her name was susan and she went and looked at him. that day there was no meltdown but she looked out for tell tale signs and found none. she said he was bright and eager to interact but lacked the social skills and couldn’t quite recognize social cues people would give him and ultimately she said he was just socially and emotionally behind and tried to give the school ways to redirect him. she also mentioned that the schools structure wasn’t good for his needs and that had it not been so late in the year she would of had me change him to a different school with a different structure that suited him better. that was the beginning of the school journey for him and it left me stressed out to my eyeballs and I’m sure left  a bad taste in his mouth too.

forward through kindergarten which was another year of on off disruptive behavior he’s now in first grade and this year is just as bad. he loves school, he loves his friends and his teachers, he loves the staff and his classes but for some reason he just cannot get a grip and control his emotions. he has the worst self control in the world. he has gotten better socially and is talking so much more. he is so good at reading and so so smart. he sweet and kind and caring to everyone and dotes on his new baby sister Leía who is now 7 months old. some days he is great other days I’m getting phone calls and notes home for his behavior. consistently saying no, growling and people when doesn’t get his way, banging tables walls and yelling or just being plain disrespectful. don’t get me wrong when he’s at home yes he can be a little turd when he wants to be. he asks for candy or something and we say no he will bang his foot and growl and we send him to his room to cool of for 5 minutes and on the way he might kick  a stool, bang the wall or slam the door on route to his room. we don’t tolerate it though and he gets punished. we are not a family who don’t give a crap. i have seen kids in jaxons school where the teacher told me they are cursing, sticking up their middle fingers, flipping computers and chairs and desks running at other kids with scissors and the parents say i don’t know where they getting it from… that same child would tell me how they watch youtube where they say curse words and blow people and things up.. so yes sheila you do know where your child gets it from. so i guess I’m a bad mom now? I’m sure thats what the other parents think of me. I’m now in that category.

i got a phone call the other day from the assistant principal… the second in the chain of command was calling to check on the family. to make sure nothing was going on at home. i have never been as embarrassed in all my life. jaxon had an explosive meltdown and flipped desks in his classroom, all because he wasn’t called up to answer a question he knew the answer to. completely over extreme and completely out of his nature. i am now one of those parents. you know you do it too. when you kid comes home and says oh, john was doing this or that, and when you hear about this little boy john all the time you mind automatically thinks well hell what are the parents like, or doing about it. i did it too. jaxon would tell me all the time about some of these kids in his class and i was like jeeeez thats a bit much without ever even thinking what the family os going through. now don’t get me wrong in some cases its some thing out of their control like the child needs support and help but other times its the parents are off their faces and nothing better to do than let their kids eat shit, don’t spend time with them and let them watch things that are not appropriate for their age but that is not our case.

i got that phone call and literally wanted to crawl into a hole and die right there. our son comes from a loving home. we love our kids to death. he is not allowed sugary treats in the week, no tablet time during the week either, we read to him every night, we have family movie night on fridays, we play board games together, he loves to play outside in his sandpit and swim in the pool with his dad, we try our best to get out on the weekends to go on adventures which have not happened as much lately because my husband is doing exams currently to start his own company so its been a bit hard to get out and go places as much has we would like but otherwise the kids are kept active. he eats well and plentiful and is always encouraged and reassured of how good he is and still he flys off the handle. i didn’t know where to turn to but i contacted the florida center again and got a lovely lady but the name of marina who just let me vent and explain how i was feeling and what was going on at school. she said that it could entirely be just him struggling to handle his emotions and not to panic that something is wrong with him. i have literally been googling all these symptoms online to find what it could be. she has assured me that they will help and support us. all i want is my son to enjoy school and not hate it like i do now. i hate going to pick him up and the first topic of conversation when i see him is how he behaved. why can’t it be something more cheerful and excited for how much he loved a class or who he played  with in recess. I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel that way? i can’t be. i see the PTO moms in there and they look so perfect, their kids are great and then i feel like this piece of crap mom who everyone when they hear his name are like oh, thats them. its horrible feeling like that. anyways i will keep updating this on how he is progressing. he had a great day yesterday and even told me he was awesome which was nice change because the day before he asked us did we not like him anymore because he isn’t a good kid. my heart was broke in two hearing that. he is a great kid. he just gets so upset if he thinks he might fail and is too hard on himself and his mind is so creative too that he just can’t get into the zone and maybe he does need a little more help but i will make sure that i find out what it is and give him the best start in life. so maybe i am a bad mom to some of these people who don’t know me. you don’t know me or how much i love my kids and will fight for them to make sure they are happy and healthy. I’m not neglectful and I’m sure they think i am. he’s not abused or from a broken home, its the opposite in fact. his parents are not on drugs or abusing alcohol. we are a normal loving family and he’s just a little behind your child and having trouble, but he won’t always.

i think i have rambled on enough but sure there it is. my hardest chapter in life, parenting a school aged child. until next time. K

I got the D

Hello hello. It has been super long since I have wrote last but I have some news! I got the D everyone, that’s right! I got married and am now a Duffy officially.

Our wedding was amazing and suited us both to the ground. We went for a simple rustic intimate wedding and it was everything we both wanted. The stress that leads up to it however cannot be explained and never want to organize a party again in my life.

On another note I am also 6 months pregnant now and beginning to feel like a small seal trying to do a sit up just to get out of bed each morning. I have been lucky enough not to be showing too much right now but it just means that our little girl is squashing me internally on the daily. This will be our second child so I have comparisons to base things off and all I can say is holy shit. I feel like on our son my belly didn’t show much either until around the same time as this one is starting to drop but that my weight everywhere else made up for that. My face was round and my ass and legs took off on a race for which could get bigger quickest. This time around has been a struggle. The first 4 months I was miserable. I was sick daily I had no energy and my emotions where on a thin thread. When your a depression sufferer like me that did not help me in the slightest and it was a battle to keep above water. However, these days are a lot better. My weight has stayed down obviously because of how sick I was but baby is growing well and weighing and measuring what she should be. I don’t deprive myself at all I eat a fair bit but instead of what I used to do which was eat monster meals which would make even the biggest male specimen shudder I now graze through the day. My face has stayed relatively slim and my extra chins have subsided for now. I have a new energy about me these days and a motivation to Better myself and really am looking forward to having her and then starting right back into a healthy lifestyle.

I don’t know if it’s the marriage that altered my mood but i think it may have. It gave me a new confidence, a feeling of intimacy love and security. I was nervous on the day, not because I didn’t love my husband and not because I was unsure, I was so sure I want to spend the rest of my life with this weirdo but because it is a new step in our journey. I lose my name. Do I lose who I am then?

No. I lost my name yes, but it’s always apart of me in who I am. I gained so much more by sacrificing a small piece of me that was name only. I gained a husband, my friend and partner for life, and a family of people I love and who love me too. I gained new memories to be made. Security. And a feeling of love that can never be measured. I’m proud to take on the Duffy name. I will hopefully do it as much respect and justice as I hope I did for my Connolly name.

Anywho, a random post but just one to try start me off. I want to get back into writing again and try post more about my life pregnancy married life kids and my day to day things. Maybe boring to some but I need a place to vent not on my instagram or Facebook pages 🙂 happy Sunday all!